Danny + FILMSTRUCK: Trying to be Culturally Enriched

I’ve seen a lot of movies. But lately I’ve really felt like I’m missing out on the true, classical canon of cinema. Your Kurosawas, your Fellinis, your whoevers. So I’m trying to watch more of those great classics, in order to learn and appreciate this awesome medium even more.

So I’ve set myself up a free two week trial of FilmStruck, a nifty streaming service created by Turner Classic Movies and the Criterion Collection. I’m going to be watching as much as I can in this two weeks to figure out 1) if I really have the patience for older movies and 2) if this thing is worth $10.99 a month.

I’ll be using my site to give updates on what I watch. It’ll be fun, and maybe you’ll be inspired to watch shit too.


Danny W

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